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Welcome Back!

It’s been a while since issue number two. We apologise. We’ve been setting up a pet-dog training school, exploring many opportunities to spread the word about IAA and assistance dogs, and preparing future assistance-dog units. Most are people and their beloved pets, undergoing bespoke training to achieve the accreditation necessary to be able to enter any public place. We train at home and in public, creating training strategies to fit in with their special needs and the rhythm of their lives. Such a motivating task – the people we work with are sure of the valuable aid their dog will provide and train with unmatched dedication. Watch for these new units highlighted in future issues!

And we’ve been out and about talking about Animal-Assisted Interventions. Introducing our dogs and the work we do to adults and to children, in civic centres, libraries and schools. People love to hear how dogs reach out to the minds and hearts of people who gain by canine contact. This story collection will be shared in these pages in issues to come.

Everywhere we go we see examples of the deep bond formed between dogs and people. We observe it in real life both – on the train, in parks, at the dog-training school – as well as in photography, literature, art, and music. Many issues of Dog Heart Magazine will be filled by the stories we capture! Our aim is to have you relive and revel in the human-canine bond found all over the world.

We hope you savour this magazine. We wish to see you informed, inspired, and stimulated into action. We also would love to see your feedback and contributions.

Ready to collaborate? If so, please contact us and tell us about you, your dog, and your ideas.

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