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Why does my dog do this!?
1 My dog stares intently at me as he poops. I stare back. Sorry, I tell him. You may find this situation mortifying, but hey, I’m the one that must pick it up. AND I make sure that those back-leg scratches...
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beats #1
Every once in a while I share the items that caught my eye, made me laugh, or stoked my imagination. 1 – If you’ve ever wondered what your dog is thinking on a walk… You think you’re...
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Goodbye Gorgeous
Cancer spreads, extending and occupying all exploitable space. Yet, it has awesome withering power as well. Behold the melting wax as the flame burns brighter. It’s fascinating to watch as our veterinarian...
Photo by Fernando Latorre on lifeofpix
10 Things I Learned About Dogs in 2021
Dogs have been around us for what seems like forever. We have grown and developed with them by our sides. In these modern times, we live with them as pets; they work with us; we rely on them. We even call...
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