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At Dog Heart Magazine we wish to highlight examples of the people+dog bond that pop up in unexpected places.
We find them everywhere: in photography, literature, art, music, and personal stories.
And here’s a big shoutout to Assistance Dogs; we want to see assistant dogs and their people everywhere. So, what better way than to throw the spotlight on them, through the stories of breeders, trainers, puppy-raisers, volunteers and above all, the people to whom they support.
Lastly, we dive into Animal-Assisted Interventions with up-close and personal stories emphasising honesty and clarity. We’ll feature trainers, project developers, clients, and innovative champions of all dog + people interactions.

For more information about what we do at the Canuck Association, please visit our website: www.associaciocanuck.com

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the Dog Heart Magazine posts!

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