Dog Links: Meet Elvis the Airedale

A charming bon vivant that wins hearts wherever he wanders. Estefanía Alvarez tells us what life is like with their sparky pet. He’s named after Elvis Presley—Juan and I are fans. We’d had a dog called Popeye and considered calling him Brutus, but it didn’t quite fit. But our Spanish Water Dog Ollie is named …

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TWISTED! Life with Dogs

introducing the work of David Arias Fitch “I don’t have a dog, and neither do my friends. But I enjoy watching other people’s dogs. I think that people are a dog’s best friend – when a person approaches a dog they are much happier than when a pigeon approaches them, for example. If I had …

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Belén García Bonds with Shelter Dogs

I started visiting the Center d’Acollida d’Animals de Barcelona (CAACB, Barcelona Animal Refuge Centre) in the summer of 2010 while studying biology at university. I became a regular volunteer in 2013, about the time I learned how to train dogs. We always had dogs at home, but when I lived on my own in Barcelona, I missed …

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Why Perfect Service Dog Puppies Are a Red Flag

by Natalie Bridger Watson People who are training their own service dogs are under an extraordinary amount of pressure from day one. In addition to the baseline difficulties caused by our disabilities, we have also taken responsibility for the two-year process of painstakingly transforming a tiny infant mammal of another species into a reliable medical …

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What cute dogs!

Introducing Pacia Wan Who doesn’t love a photo of a charming dog? Especially when we snap and share the adorable antics of our own furry companions. Now that high-quality digital cameras are as close as the smart phone in our pocket, it’s never been easier to get images of our dogs at every waking (and …

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dog heart magazine 3 is out

Welcome Back! It’s been a while since issue number two. We apologise. We’ve been setting up a pet-dog training school, exploring many opportunities to spread the word about IAA and assistance dogs, and preparing future assistance-dog units. Most are people and their beloved pets, undergoing bespoke training to achieve the accreditation necessary to be able …

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