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…A LIVING BEING THAT CLOSELY RESEMBLES ANOTHER… 1- When You See Your Dog’s Doppelganger There aren’t many apricot standard poodles in Spain. Black, white, silver, or blue, yes. But there was a time when my beloved Saburo was one of a scant few. He was born to a litter of apricots in Canada and travelled …


What cute dogs!

Introducing Pacia Wan Who doesn’t love a photo of a charming dog? Especially when we snap and share the adorable antics of our own furry companions. Now that high-quality digital cameras are as close as the smart phone in our pocket, it’s never been easier to get images of our dogs at every waking (and …

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dog heart magazine 3 is out

Welcome Back! It’s been a while since issue number two. We apologise. We’ve been setting up a pet-dog training school, exploring many opportunities to spread the word about IAA and assistance dogs, and preparing future assistance-dog units. Most are people and their beloved pets, undergoing bespoke training to achieve the accreditation necessary to be able …

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