Why does my dog do this!?

1 My dog stares intently at me as he poops. I stare back. Sorry, I tell him. You may find this situation mortifying, but hey, I’m the one that must pick it up. AND I make sure that those back-leg scratches you add don’t send the little pile flying into the wind. Oh, I’m mistaken? …

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beats #1

Every once in a while I share the items that caught my eye, made me laugh, or stoked my imagination. 1 – If you’ve ever wondered what your dog is thinking on a walk… You think you’re walking your dog… but she has other ideas. visit the oatmeal 2 – dogs are a source of …

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Goodbye Gorgeous

Cancer spreads, extending and occupying all exploitable space. Yet, it has awesome withering power as well. Behold the melting wax as the flame burns brighter. It’s fascinating to watch as our veterinarian slides the ultrasound wand over my dog’s belly. She explains that the tumour has swollen and now occupies the entire bladder, pushing against …

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“Growing up with Puppy” – an Animal Assisted Education Model

The original Spanish article was written for the Animales Que Suman website. You can find it at I walk into the classroom full of 6-year-olds and instantly feel the buzz of pent-up excitement. They murmur and nudge each other, eyes sparkling with curiosity. They focus on my little companion, the puppy who walks happily …

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Dog Links: Meet Elvis the Airedale

A charming bon vivant that wins hearts wherever he wanders. Estefanía Alvarez tells us what life is like with their sparky pet. He’s named after Elvis Presley—Juan and I are fans. We’d had a dog called Popeye and considered calling him Brutus, but it didn’t quite fit. But our Spanish Water Dog Ollie is named …

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TWISTED! Life with Dogs

introducing the work of David Arias Fitch “I don’t have a dog, and neither do my friends. But I enjoy watching other people’s dogs. I think that people are a dog’s best friend – when a person approaches a dog they are much happier than when a pigeon approaches them, for example. If I had …

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Belén García Bonds with Shelter Dogs

I started visiting the Center d’Acollida d’Animals de Barcelona (CAACB, Barcelona Animal Refuge Centre) in the summer of 2010 while studying biology at university. I became a regular volunteer in 2013, about the time I learned how to train dogs. We always had dogs at home, but when I lived on my own in Barcelona, I missed …

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Pet Partners Goes International – Dog Visits for Health and Wellness

Did you know that animals can benefit the health and wellness of people in need? Pet Partners, a therapy animal organization, is on track to bring the healing power of therapy animals to hospitals, nursing homes, and more in Spain. Therapy animal teams are made up of a highly-educated handler who makes therapy animal visits …

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